As the deepest blue ink can sometimes escape and ruin a shirt, we turn the story upside down enjoying the most intense blue on an apricot stripe !

This print is on fine high density cotton

The large scale of this print means each mask will vary and the illustration shows just one option.

Internal layer designs can vary.


profits are being donated to ‘La Casa de la Madre y el Niño’ 
“Children who didn’t ask to come in to the world
have the right to a home”
Maria Lopez Michelsen – founder, 1942      www.la-casa.org
  • Triple layer bias-cut unique ROHKA face mask
  • Outer layer thermally bonded pure silk or high-density cotton.
  • Tyvek®1442R middle layer filters particles of 0.5 - 0.7 microns, reducing risk of transmitting airborne virus, note: this it is not clinically certified mask.
  • Sustainable materials combined with world class details : Japanese 3D fluo elastic, anallergic Italian manufactured eyelets.
  • Unique design allows the mask to drop down and hang low like a pendant when not being used.
  • Working with a team of craftsmen, ROHKA sustains know-how and local skills in Nothern Italy.
  • Printing in Fino Mornasco, cutting in Zibido san Giacomo, manufacturing  in Lonate Pozzolo, Italy
  • Hand wash with a neutral detergent and rinse under running water as hot as possible. 
  • Do not soak or iron.  Dry naturally overnight.
  • Please note as this is a small low value item we do not accept returns



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